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Bogue Asset Management’s Quarterly Investment Letter      

The global stock markets continued their climb in the first quarter of 2021.  Clearly it did not pay to get out of the markets last spring.  In this letter I will discuss what investment areas should continue to do well moving forward and talk about the return of inflation risk .........[See More]


How your advisor is compensated does matter.  Lately there has been a blurring of the lines with the use of the term “Fee-Based” to describe how one is compensated.  I’ll tell you why Fee-Based is not Fee-Only and the difference can be substantial: [See More]





About Us

about jeff bogue 2I established my firm back in 1998 after securing my Certified Financial Planning (CFP™) designation.  I am very proud of my practice and what I’ve been able to accomplish for my clients in the past 11 years. I decided early on to go at this independently. I did not build up a book of business at a brokerage house and then spin out to establish my own firm. I started from scratch with a handful of friends as clients that believed in me, knew how passionate I was about the financial world, and literally told me “I’ve been waiting for you to do this” when I finally hung my own shingle. I’m happy to say those friends are still clients today.

My interest in finance started at a young age. As a teenager I had a paper route, as many teenagers do. It’s what I did with the proceeds that is a little out of the ordinary. I used my earnings to buy stock.

That was the beginning of my investment career.

When I enrolled in Penn State there was no “financial planning” major like there is now, so I focused my education on Corporate finance, securing my Bachelor of Science in 1988.  A twist of fate would land me back in Maine where I was offered an equity position at a seasonal restaurant I had been working at the previous few summers. I spent the next 10 years as a restaurateur managing the kitchen, the finances and coordinating the staffing for the 150 seat Oceanside restaurant.  It was there that a friend and patron introduced me to the Certified Financial Planning designation program. He handed me the brochure and said “I think you should do this.” Having the winters off to study gave me the opportunity to pursue this in the “off season” and I secured my designation in 1997.

Shortly after, the itch to pursue my passion in investing and personal finance got the best of me. In 1998 launched my company Bogue Asset Management LLC. At the same time I decided to build some formal finance experience. I took a position as an Accounting Manager with a local Credit Union that quickly evolved to the position of Chief Financial Officer for the organization. I spent two years there as I built my financial planning business during the evening and on the weekends. In January of 2001 I left the credit union to devote 100% of my time to my clients at Bogue Asset Management.

I have financial planning and investment management clients from Kittery, to Portland, to Pittsfield Maine and everywhere in between. I also have clients in Massachusetts, Florida, New Hampshire, Texas, Utah, Montana as well as a number of ex-pats currently living abroad.   I am proud to be a Dimensional Fund Advisor (DFA).  

I regularly write a blog for Maine and has been quoted on personal finance matters in the Wall Street Journal, Consumer Reports Money Advisor,  Kiplinger’s Personal Finance,, The Portland Press Herald, AARP Magazine, Registered, Fidelity Stages Magazine, AOL Money& Finance, MSN/, Investment Advisor Magazine, Financial Planning Magazine and Financial Advisor Magazine.  I am an active member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) and the Financial Planning Association (FPA).