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Bogue Asset Management’s Quarterly Investment Letter      

The global stock markets continued their climb in the first quarter of 2021.  Clearly it did not pay to get out of the markets last spring.  In this letter I will discuss what investment areas should continue to do well moving forward and talk about the return of inflation risk .........[See More]


How your advisor is compensated does matter.  Lately there has been a blurring of the lines with the use of the term “Fee-Based” to describe how one is compensated.  I’ll tell you why Fee-Based is not Fee-Only and the difference can be substantial: [See More]





Mid Life Financial Planning Strategies

Mid-Life Planning Strategies is one of Bogue Asset Management LLC’s areas of expertise.  These services are typically designed for individuals and families with the following characteristics:

- Have reached a certain level of prominence in their profession or as an entrepreneur
- Are in the middle of raising a family
- Have difficulty balancing the needs of today with the needs of the future
- Don’t have the time or expertise to appropriately assess, address, or implement their financial planning needs with confidence
- Understands the value of engaging a professional to address their financial planning needs so they can be able to focus on their careers more efficiently and fully enjoy their down time.
This engagement is designed to be comprehensive in scope, touching upon the broad aspects of your financial life. 

This can include, but is not limited to:

- Establishing and implementing a retirement plan
- Determining education funding and implementing strategies
- Cash flow management
- Debt management
- Income Tax Strategies
- Maximizing employee benefits
- Risk management and insurance strategy
- Estate planning

The scope of the engagement can take several approaches. The scope can be short-term in nature, more of a financial physical where everything is addressed at once.  This could also be on a project basis that is conducted over the course of the year, addressing the more pressing issues based on your major topics of concern and the time of the year first.  Finally, this could be conducted on an ongoing basis where Bogue Asset Management LLC would act in the role as your personal Chief Financial Officer.