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Bogue Asset Management’s Quarterly Investment Letter      

The global stock markets continued their climb in the first quarter of 2021.  Clearly it did not pay to get out of the markets last spring.  In this letter I will discuss what investment areas should continue to do well moving forward and talk about the return of inflation risk .........[See More]


How your advisor is compensated does matter.  Lately there has been a blurring of the lines with the use of the term “Fee-Based” to describe how one is compensated.  I’ll tell you why Fee-Based is not Fee-Only and the difference can be substantial: [See More]





Investment/Asset Allocation

Bogue Asset Management believes investments should always be subservient to your goals.  All too often, people allow investment performance to interfere with their financial goals.  By having your goals dictate your investment strategy, you will always be in a proactive position.  When you let investment performance dictate action, you will always be in a reactionary “chasing your tail” situation. 

Investment Planning involves: 

- The process of determining the required rate of return to achieve your goals based on one’s current and projected assets, liabilities, income, expenses and time horizon. 
- Determining of one’s risk profile, which includes risk tolerance and the capacity to absorb risk.
- Determining if ones required rate of return is in cohesion with one’s risk profile and if not, adjust the plan accordingly
- Project future rates of return on asset classes based on current market conditions and valuations
- The location of asset classes in respect to the type of account they are contained in to maximize returns after taxes are considered. 
- Providing recommendations in the form of open end mutual and exchange traded index funds
- Assistance in establishing investment accounts and the fund transfer process.

In a financial planning engagement, the client is responsible for the administration of the account including effecting trades, monitoring the account periodically and periodically sending the planner updated information (if the engagement is ongoing in nature).  Basically, Bogue Asset Management determines the portfolio mix and the client is responsible for implementation.  For more comprehensive services in this area, clients can engage Bogue Asset Management’s Investment Advisory Services.