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Bogue Asset Management’s Quarterly Investment Letter      

Financial market history tells us to expect the unexpected; expect to be surprised.  And positive surprises happen too.  Last year was a tragic one, yet global stocks were up over 16%.  In this latest edition of my Quarterly Investment letter I see the current momentum in the market continuing, but it is not without it's risks.  And I'm beginning to see the headwinds of recent portfolio performance turning into a sustained trend.........[See More]


How your advisor is compensated does matter.  Lately there has been a blurring of the lines with the use of the term “Fee-Based” to describe how one is compensated.  I’ll tell you why Fee-Based is not Fee-Only and the difference can be substantial: [See More]





Risk Management & Insurance

Insurance is needed to needed to protect you from the large financial risks that are prevalent in our lives.  Insurance should be in place for the financial risk that you can’t afford to incur, should be based on your needs and implemented in the most cost efficient manner. 

Risk Management Services involve: 

- Determining and retaining appropriate and adequate life insurance coverage
- Determining and retaining appropriate levels of disability insurance coverage
- Determining the most effective health insurance coverage
- Maintaining an appropriate emergency fund reserve
- Determining if long term care insurance is merited and retaining the optimal level of coverage based on your needs and circumstances
- Protecting from liability exposure
- Protecting from loss and destruction of property
- Optimizing employer based group coverage benefits vs. individual coverage
- Retaining insurance agents and consultants to evaluate insurance needs when their expertise is needed and insurance needs to be implemented
- Helping the client in retaining attorneys in coordination to asset protection strategies
- Implemnting this protection in the most cost effective manner