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Bogue Asset Management’s Quarterly Investment Letter      

The global stock markets continued their climb in the first quarter of 2021.  Clearly it did not pay to get out of the markets last spring.  In this letter I will discuss what investment areas should continue to do well moving forward and talk about the return of inflation risk .........[See More]


How your advisor is compensated does matter.  Lately there has been a blurring of the lines with the use of the term “Fee-Based” to describe how one is compensated.  I’ll tell you why Fee-Based is not Fee-Only and the difference can be substantial: [See More]





Portland Maine Money and Debt Management | Financial Planning

Debt can actually be beneficial because without it, many people wouldn’t be able to afford a home, earn an education or buy a car. However leverage cuts both ways; the misuse of debt can lead to bankruptcy, devastation and financial ruin.

Debt Management Services involve: 

- Identifying if debt is interfering with accomplishing your lifetime goals
- Differentiating good and bad debt
- Developing a plan of action to eliminate bad debt as soon as possible
- Restructuring debt to more efficient means if available and feasible